Tandoori Nights Bethesda

Tandoori Nights
7236 Woodmont Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814

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Tandoori Nights Bethesda Review: One-Trick Pony

Were I a poet I'd write an ode to the Tandoori Chicken at Tandoori Nights in Bethesda.

Were I a singer, I'd sing paeans to the exquisite marination of the restaurant's Tandoori Chicken.

But I'm an ordinary soul and so I shall restrict myself to mere words.

If there's an Indian restaurant that makes better Tandoori Chicken than Bethesda's Tandoori Nights, I have yet to hear of it.

I've had Tandoori Chicken at more Indian restaurants in the U.S. than I can count.

But nowhere have I come across as divine a creation as the one I found at Tandoori Nights.

Tandoori Chicken

God knows what recipe goes into the restaurant's Tandoori Chicken preparation.

Tandoori Nights Bethesda Tandoori Chicken © MDIndia.us

But I'm sure the recipe is a closely guarded secret, worth a ton of money!

The secret to a great Tandoori Chicken is in the marination with the right spices.

And the folks at Tandoori Nights have nailed it with the perfect flavor and spicyness!

Again and again, I returned to the buffet counter for the Tandoori Chicken!

Tandoori Nights Bethesda Tandoori Chicken © MDIndia.us

Other Items

Besides Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Nights lunch buffet included usual suspects like Pakora, Pappad, Palak Paneer, Chicken Tikka Masala, Goat Curry, Naan Bread, Peas Pulao and Gulab Jamun.

Tandoori Nights Bethesda Appetizers © MDIndia.us
Pakora (top) Tandoori Chicken (left) Pappad (right)

Alas, if only the other items were close to the Tandoori Chicken in flavor!

Sadly, they were not even half as good.

Tandoori Nights Bethesda Chicken Tikka Masala © MDIndia.us
Chicken Tikka Masala (right) Palak Paneer (left) Peas Pulao (bottom)
Tandoori Nights Bethesda Goat Curry © MDIndia.us
Goat Curry (right) Naan Bread (top)
Tandoori Nights Bethesda Dal, Mushroom Curry © MDIndia.us
Mushroom Curry (top) Dal (bottom)

Tandoori Nights Bethesda Naan © MDIndia.us
Naan Bread

Tandoori Nights Bethesda Gulab Jamun © MDIndia.us
Gulab Jamun

Tandoori Nights Bethesda Rice Kheer © MDIndia.us
Rice Kheer

Tandoori Nights - Ambiance and Service

Tandoori Nights has a classy ambiance compared to your average Indian restaurant. I also liked the fact that the restaurant was clean.

Both Tables and dining room floor were clean.

Water glasses were filled and used plates removed without prompting.

Buffet station had ample quantity of food with labels placed for each item.

But the waiters were a weird lot. Two of them stood nearby and watched me eat.

I wondered if it was an intimidatory tactic to make me eat less. Hey, you don't know me!

Tandoori Nights Bethesda - Rating

Tandoori Nights is a one-trick pony.

Except for the heavenly Tandoori Chicken, the rest of the food I sampled at Tandori Nights turned out to be ho-hum stuff.

None of the other stuff I tasted would tempt me into returning.

But I'd commit murder for another helping of the restaurant's Tandoori Chicken.- © MDIndia.us

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