Hindu Priests in Maryland

Maryland is home to several Hindu Temples providing priest services for Hindu functions and celebrations at home or in the temple premises.

Be it car puja for your new BMW or Lexus, bhoomi puja, grihapravesh, thread marriage ceremony, Hindu weddings, navagraha puja, satyanarayan pooja, or havan you can employ the services of a Hindu priest of Maryland Hindu temples.

Besides auspicious Hindu functions, Mayrland Hindu priest also provide funeral ceremony services according to Hindu tradition.

Here are a few Hindu Priests in Maryland:

Harish Baipadithaya

Hindu Priest services provider at home
* Ganapathi Homa
* Grihapravesha
* Namakarana
* Satyanarayana Pooja
* Upanayana
* Wedding

Ph: 301-947-4098
Cell: 202-286-2433