Maryland Indian Immigration Attorneys

Navigating the complex procedures of U.S. immigration laws, rules and regulations can be a challenging task for laymen.

In our experience, the U.S. immigration rules and application forms are complex.

To avoide making any errors, it's best to employ services of an immigration attorney to handle your application.

The immigration stakes are too high to risk mistakes. Even small errors in your immigration application may lead to denials or lengthy processing delays.

Whether you're applying for Naturalization, Green Card by marriage or H1B work visa, or H4 for your spouse, let an immigration lawyer handle your application.

Immigration Services:
* Diplomat, business & athletes visas
* H1, J, E1, E2, E3, E5 visas
* Family & employment based green card
* Labor certification
* Asylum, removal
* Citizenship & naturalization
* Criminal issues & visa adjustment
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Practice Areas:
* Greencard renewals
* Citizenship & naturalization
* Visitor, Business, Student, Employment visas
* Adjustment of status
* Dual citizenship
* Consular processing
* Hindi, French, Arabic, Italian
* Free consultation
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